After a year of extensive research, testing and partnering with industry experts, we’ve launched a fresh lineup of best-in-class vape cartridges that maximize potency and flavour. Everything about this new lineup was carefully considered—from new hardware to new flavour formulations—to bring you the best possible experience.

What’s New

Our new vapes feature newly designed 510 thread cartridges for a clean, safe, reliable and flavourful vaping experience. This technology has been finely tuned to deliver a precise and consistent experience and to prevent leakage and clogging.

This lineup features pure THC and bold new flavours. We know consumers are looking for flavour-forward vapes, so we’ve amped up the taste while maintaining a high potency (82-89% THC). Available in: Juicy Blueberry, Hawaiian Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Sour Strawberry, Sugar Melon and Frozen Tangerine. Taste the difference and enjoy your vape until the last pull.

For a pure THC experience without the flavour, we have our popular 1g High THC vape at 89-96% THC, now using updated cartridges.

Your questions, answered.

1. What’s in these vapes?

Formulated to maximize flavour and potency, each vape features pure THC distillate infused with a custom flavour-forward terpene blend.

2. Will your new vapes taste different than your previous vape offering?

Yes, you will notice our new vapes are more flavour-forward than what we previously offered. We’ve introduced all new flavours, and revamped each formulation to maximize flavour and potency.

3. What cannabis extract do you use?

The cannabis extract in our vapes is pure THC distillate. We opt for distillate to deliver a high concentration of THC. Distillate is a product resulting from the further processing (distillation) of cannabis extract. This process increases the concentration of cannabinoids and removes any undesirable plant matter, including tannins and waxes. Flavonoids, terpenes and other compounds characteristics of the original dried flower are removed in favour of concentrating THC. 

4. What extraction method do you use for your distillate? 

To create the distillate in these vapes, a multi-step solvent-based extraction method is used to increase the concentration of THC, removing any undesirable plant matter. A unique flavour recipe/terpene blend is then added to create a great tasting flavour profile. The result is a high potency vape, focused on THC and bold flavour. 

5. What voltage battery should I use?

For best performance, do not use a battery with a higher voltage than 3.4V to prevent overheating and oversaturation. If you are using a variable battery with variable voltage settings, we recommend a voltage between 3.0 and 3.4V and avoiding any voltage over 3.4V.

6. Can I still buy your non-flavoured high THC vape? 

Yes, our much-loved High THC Distillate vape is still part of our vape offerings.

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