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How we embrace the sun to grow everyday premium cannabis

Plants are the original sun worshippers. So, it’s a good thing we built our greenhouses in BC’s Fraser Valley, one of the sunniest spots in Canada. 

Just how sunny?

Our greenhouse takes in an average 1,938 hours of sunlight––298 days––every year. That’s 1.26 million kilowatt hours of energy beaming down on our plants. 

All of this light makes our home an ecological sweet spot. We have the best of both worlds: warmth from abundant sun combined with cool air currents flowing off the Pacific creates prime growing conditions.

Our sun happens to be the brightest object in our universe
Our sun happens to be the brightest object in our universe

Everything revolves around the sun

At Pure Sunfarms it all starts with natural sunlight. To foster happy, healthy plants, our growing process is built to harness as much of the Fraser Valley’s sunshine as possible. For 40% of the year, we can depend solely on sunlight with no artificial supplementation.

We don’t only use natural sunlight because it’s a virtually limitless power source (even though it is), but also because sunlight is natural, full-spectrum light. This means every beam of sunlight naturally contains the complete spectrum of light that a plant requires to thrive. Artificial light, while still helpful for growing, only contains one or two spectrums of light.

This full-spectrum superfood helps our plants to do the following: 

1. Send down strong, healthy roots
2. Grow taller and fuller
3. Produce heartier, denser buds
4. Naturally develop their optimal potency levels
5. Enhance the unique terpene (flavour and aroma) profiles of each strain

Plants need sun to create food – a process known as photosynthesis
Plants need sun to create food – a process known as photosynthesis

Let the light in

Our greenhouse technology allows us to maximize the benefit of the sun and customize the individual needs of each plant. We carefully monitor our grow rooms using state-of-the-art lighting, irrigation, and temperature control systems imported from Holland, the world’s leading experts in greenhouses.

This, combined with our deep knowledge of our local ecosystem––we’ve been cultivating plants at our location for over 25 years and have 11 years of environmental data to draw from––allows us to make precise adjustments to our cultivation processes on an hour-by-hour, plant-by-plant basis. 

Sunlight makes our product shine

We believe in working in harmony with nature. That starts with the sun. It’s foundational to our growing practice and key to our world class cannabis. That’s why it’s in our name. 

sunshine illustration
The sun is a star that is 4.5 billion years old

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