Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What types of product does Pure Sunfarms offer?

    Pure Sunfarms grows high-quality BC cannabis at our Fraser Valley greenhouse with a team that has been cultivating produce and cannabis for decades. Currently, our recreational-use portfolio consists of dried flower, pre-rolls, cannabis seeds, full spectrum vape cartridges, and CBD oil.

  2. Where can I buy Pure Sunfarms' products?

    Pure Sunfarms’ products are currently available in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We supply recreational-use dried cannabis products to provincial wholesalers that offer our products for sale to consumers through their online stores and/or distribute product directly to licensed retailers in their respective provinces. See our Find Us page to purchase online or check with your local retailer to see if they carry Pure Sunfarms products.

  3. What makes Pure Sunfarms different?

    At Pure Sunfarms, putting plants and people first is at the heart of what we do. We grow high-quality, BC bud with growers who have deep agriculture roots. That, combined with a legacy of BC cannabis cultivation, guides our uncompromising approach to quality. We know consumers are looking for quality cannabis at the right price. Our experience and growing processes at scale allow us to grow high-quality cannabis at down to earth prices. It’s a simple concept, but one we are passionate about.

  4. Where is Pure Sunfarms located?

    The Pure Sunfarms greenhouse is located in Delta, BC.

    The climate in BC’s Fraser Valley, and Delta in particular, is moderate, with cooler summers and warmer winters. The combination of warm and cold currents that flow off the Pacific Ocean provides prime growing conditions for produce and cannabis alike. Because we’ve been growing here for so long, we’ve collected over a decade of detailed sunlight and environmental data specific to this site, allowing us to adjust our cultivation practices on a plant-by-plant basis.

  5. How does Pure Sunfarms grow its cannabis?

    Pure Sunfarms cannabis is grown in our high-tech greenhouse, which allows for the precise control of heat, light, and energy the sun brings. Each batch is sectioned into growing rooms that let us nurture plants at each stage of development through an app-based monitoring system. This way, our hands-on growing team can ensure each plant gets exactly the right combination of nutrients they need to maximize their natural potency potential.

    Our growing process is 100% pesticide-free. All our plants are grown in a coconut husk fibre (aka ‘coir’). We feed them a proprietary plant food that is lab-tested and approved by Health Canada. In fact, it’s similar to the food-grade plant food our team gave to their crops of tomatoes and peppers previously, a formulation based on learnings from decades of success.

  6. What type of packaging does Pure Sunfarms use?

    At Pure Sunfarms, we chose packaging that minimizes our environmental footprint and maintains the integrity of our product. That’s why we use child-resistant pouches for our dried flower, tubes for our pre-rolls, and glass bottles for our oils that are recyclable in many municipalities across Canada.

  7. How do I open Pure Sunfarms pouches?

    Having trouble opening our child-resistant pouches? No problem. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

    1. Start by tearing off the top portion of the package above the zipper lock
    2. Then, place your thumb in the flap on the FRONT side of the pouch
    3. And place your thumb inside the outer-most side of the MAIN/TOP flap
    4. Pinch both flaps and gently pull apart

  8. Do you sell Pure Sunfarms merchandise or accessories?

    Not yet, but we’re working on it! Subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted.

  9. I have some feedback to share with Pure Sunfarms. How can I get in contact with someone on the team?

    We welcome your feedback and are always looking for ways to get better. Our Customer Care Team would be happy to hear from you here or email

  10. How can I return Pure Sunfarms product?

    As a producer of recreational cannabis, Pure Sunfarms cannot sell cannabis products directly to consumers. We currently sell to provincial/territorial wholesalers in Canada who, in turn, distribute and/or sell our products to consumers and retailers in their region. In order to comply with Cannabis Regulations, we’re not allowed to offer refunds on our products directly to consumers. We encourage consumers seeking a return to get in touch with their point of purchase directly to learn if they are eligible for reimbursement as return policies can vary.

    However, if you have a problem, we want to hear about it – we encourage consumers to get in touch with our Customer Care team here or email We’re committed to working closely with consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and Health Canada to ensure the product we provide is safe and consistent. We are always looking for ways to get better.

  11. Is Pure Sunfarms hiring?

    We’re always looking for great people to join our team. Maybe it’s not surprising that when you’re around plants all day you think a lot about growth. That’s why we are so focused on creating opportunities for people who share our passion for growing quality cannabis. Check out available positions on our Careers page or send us your resume at

  12. Can I invest in Pure Sunfarms?

    Pure Sunfarms is a privately held company and does not offer any direct investment opportunities. For investment inquiries, please contact Village Farms International’s (VFF) investor relations team directly.

  13. Does Pure Sunfarms sell cannabis for medical purposes?

    Pure Sunfarms does not currently sell cannabis for medical purposes. Right now, we are focused on supplying recreational cannabis products to Canadian consumers.
    However, some Pure Sunfarms products may be available for sale from other licensed producers.

    For more information, please get in touch with our Customer Care team here or email

  14. I have questions about Pure Sunfarms vape products, where do I go?

    If you want to learn more about Pure Sunfarms’ vape products and better understand the basics of vaping, we’ve collected the answers to many frequently asked vape questions here.

  15. I have questions about Pure Sunfarms CBD oil, where do I go?

    We’ve rounded up 10 of the most commonly asked CBD oil questions we get about Pure Sun CBD Oil, and CBD oil in general, here for you

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