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Holiday Hits

Whether you’re wrapping, gifting, rolling or smoking, we have you covered with holiday hits for your festive gatherings. A Holiday Cracker Set for the dinner table, a Glass Tray to decorate with, a Candy Cane Pipe for holiday hits and Sugar Cookies for a sweet treat—all holiday-ready to be wrapped, snapped and smoked.

Joint resting on glass tray.
Limited Edition Glass Tray

A handmade, glass-blown tray to hold your holiday hits and treats. Each piece is unique, crafted in a local Vancouver studio, Dougherty Glass, and features a signature indent. Looks great as the centrepiece of dinner tables or on window sills for a quick sesh.

Sugar Cookies
Sugar  Cookies Inspired by our BC Grown Strain

A hit of sugar to combat those winter blues. Baked to perfection by local Vancouver bakery, Small Victory, each uninfused cookie is buttery with the right amount of crunch. Made for sharing and uninfused for everyone to enjoy, they’re perfect for those lazy holiday afternoons or an after-dinner treat.

Candy Cane Pipe
Candy Cane Pipe

Nothing is more jolly than our candy cane pipe. Handmade, glass blown and oh so festive, this pipe was created with all your holiday hits in mind. Cozy up next to the fire and light up the night.

Holiday Cracker
Pop These Holiday Crackers.

Keep spirits high at the dinner table with the unique gift of a cannabis-themed holiday cracker. Beautifully rolled in metallic, festive paper, there’s no better way to start the night than with a spark.

Holiday Crackers
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