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Mandesh Dosanjh

President and CEO

An inside perspective from Mandesh Dosanjh, our President and CEO.

It’s widely believed that BC bud is some of the best in the world. As passionate growers, we believe in that statement wholeheartedly. We also believe that our customers care just as much as we do about how cannabis is grown in this country. But what’s more important to know is what Canadians think. So we commissioned a national survey, with an industry-leading research expert, to understand cannabis users’ knowledge and preference after two years of legalization in Canada.

Yes, the results told us what we knew all along: Canadian consumers prefer BC bud. 76 percent of Canadian consumers ranked British Columbia at the top of their list for the highest quality cannabis in Canada*. As British Columbians, we have vast agricultural provenance. Growers in this region are fortunate to have one of the best possible climates for growing cannabis, right at their fingertips. Not to mention BC’s strong cannabis culture, which people said was one of the top benefits of purchasing BC bud. This makes sense since the province helped set the tone for legalization in Canada and has a great reputation and history of cannabis from legacy market days. But what was surprising to see was that despite having such a strong preference for BC bud, only half of the respondents actually know where the cannabis they consume is grown.

Graphic with stats: 76% of people would like to know more about where their weed comes from, 51% are knowledgeable about where the cannabis they consume is grown.

Furthermore, when asked about how cannabis is grown, pesticides were a sticking point among respondents. 80 percent of Canadian cannabis consumers said they would choose to purchase cannabis grown free of chemical pesticides, but only 2 in 5 actually know if pesticides are used to grow cannabis*. People, now more than ever, want clean, natural products. They want to know exactly where the fruits and vegetables they consume are from and how they were grown. So, why would cannabis be any different?

Graphic with stats: and 80% would choose to purchase cannabis grown without chemical pesticides, 40% are knowledgeable whether cannabis is grown with chemical pesticides. Pure Sunfarms is grown free of pesticides.

There’s a lot that can be learned from these results. The majority of people don’t know where or how cannabis is grown. It’s clear that Canadians care about a lot more than just price and potency when they make their purchasing decisions, but they’re still getting up to speed. We have more work to do to spread this message, engage in conversations, and give Canadians the information they need so they can feel safe and secure in the choices they are making. They need to know that their growers have a deep understanding of the plant and the culture of cannabis and that companies are using that knowledge to inform the decisions on what products they make.

We want consumers to know that we’re committed, now more than ever, to raising awareness about where we grow, how we grow, and why we grow our product, so that they can feel empowered to make educated choices about their consumption.

Today, as I reflect on what legalization has brought to the Canadian cannabis industry, I know I made the right decision to come to Pure Sunfarms two years ago. We lean into our decades of cultivation experience growing tomatoes and peppers, just as much as our legacy market experience, to bring the best of BC bud to Canadians, producing products that are natural and pure – all things worth celebrating.

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