The holidays are a time to come together and make the most of the little moments with those we care about the most. No matter how you are spending time this season, we have gifting ideas for sparking joy, inspiring connection, and encouraging relaxation — for you or the ones you love. Light up the holiday season with these gifts to meet high expectations.

"Gifts to Inspire Connection" headline with Pink Kush Pre-rolls, Sour Black Cherry Gummies, and Gingerbread House

1. Pink Kush 10-Pack Pre-Rolls

Make merry with everyone’s favourite indica. These conveniently packed pre-rolls are great for quick sessions. Available in packs of ten, grab a few for yourself and bring the rest to ignite some cheer at your next holiday party. Packed in a ready-to-gift reusable tin.

2. Sour Black Cherry THC Gummies

Gummies make for a delightful holiday treat and are perfect for cozy gatherings. These premium, delicious cannabis-infused gummies are plant-based and made with real fruit puree. Each gummy features 2.5mg of THC, tailored for those seeking a spotlight on THC. Available in packs of four.

3. Pure Sunfarms × Beaucoup Bakery
Gingerbread Greenhouse

‘Tis the season to get baked. We’ve teamed up with Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery to craft a custom-made gingerbread greenhouse, inspired by our very own. Featuring Beaucoup’s freshly baked gingerbread recipe, each kit comes complete with hand-poured candy window panes, marshmallow cornflake nuggets (resembling our beautiful buds), and royal icing for assembly and decorating. 

We’d love to see your masterpiece — tag @puresunfarms!

"Gifts to Inspire Connection" headline with Pink Kush Pre-rolls, Sour Black Cherry Gummies, and Gingerbread House

4. CBD Oils (10 & 30)

Made with two simple ingredients: natural coconut MCT oil and cannabis extract, our CBD oils will be a hit for the self-care lovers on your list. These are one of the purest, controlled and discreet ways to enjoy the benefits of this popular cannabinoid. Packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle, the oil can be easily measured for precision. Available in CBD Oil 10 (less potent) and CBD Oil 30 (more potent).

5. Pennywise 1:1 Vape

Our Full Spectrum Vapes include one ingredient, and one ingredient only: BC-grown, whole flower extract. Pennywise 1:1 offers a balanced THC to CBD experience for those that want a little bit of both. Available in 0.5G 510 vape cartridge.

"Gifts to Make Spirits Bright" headline with Jet Fuel Gelato art print and Long Sleeve Tee

6. Art Prints

Inspired by the world of cannabis, our art prints will light up any room. Created by botanical artist Laura Garcia Serventi, these custom illustrations capture the origins and beauty of our signature strains.

7. Long Sleeve Tees

They can wear their favourite strain with our 100% cotton long sleeves featuring Laura Garcia’s custom art. Canadian made, unisex and available in four unique prints: Pink Kush, Blue Dream, Jet Fuel Gelato, and Black Cherry Punch.

"Gifts to Make Spirits Bright" headline with Jet Fuel Gelato art print and Long Sleeve Tee

8. High THC Vape

To meet the high expectations of all the cannaseurs out there, might we suggest our High THC Vape? Filled with pure cannabis extract with no additives or flavouring, these vapes deliver a smooth and potent pull for a pure THC experience. Available in 1G and 0.5G 510 vape cartridges.

9. Jet Fuel Gelato

Hard-hitting, yet smooth and creamy, this high THC strain will launch their holiday socks off. Impress any major weed fan with its frosty buds and aromas of dairy, gas, and citrus. Available in 3.5g dried flower.

10. Candy Cane Pipe

The jolliest smoking accessory you ever did see. With a large bowl and 6 inches long, this hand-made pipe is perfect for the cannabis-enthused, holiday-loving pal on your list.

11. Stash Tin

Not your grandmother’s cookie tin. This custom, reusable tin with printed artwork is perfect for storing your baked holiday goodies or stashing your dried flower to lock in freshness.

– Happy Holidaze from Pure Sunfarms

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