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An inside perspective from Mandesh Dosanjh, our President & CEO

Transparency matters to us. It’s something we have been committed to at Pure Sunfarms since day one. We’ve invited you into our world, taught you about our natural growing practices, introduced you to the team, and taken you behind-the-scenes in our greenhouse. We’re passionate about the cannabis we grow and are proud of how we do things, which is why we never hesitate to bring you along on our journey. By now, I hope you know that we have nothing to hide.

Putting our flower to the test. 

Before our dried flower products make their way to you, each batch is carefully and rigorously tested in accordance with Health Canada guidelines to ensure we are providing you with safe, quality cannabis, every time. We take this process very seriously—a batch is only released after testing is complete, certificates of analysis (COAs) are received, and our quality assurance team checks every box. This is our commitment in action, to providing you with the “pure cannabis” that we pride ourselves on.

Cannabis Plant in greenhouse

You asked, we listened.

Since our inception in 2019, it has been important to us at Pure Sunfarms to listen to you, answer your questions, and improve our processes accordingly. Through these conversations, we’ve learned that you care deeply about your bud, and many of you want to learn even more about the dried flower in your bag. You can now find out more about the bud in your pack directly on the label of your pack of Pure Sunfarms dried flower.

Getting to know your cannabis.

Our tests help us glean many things about our dried flower, such as: the absence of unwanted chemicals and microbials, cannabinoid content (in other words, potency), and a detailed breakdown of terpene profiles. We know that each plant is unique by nature, which is why these numbers may vary from batch to batch, especially at different periods throughout the growing season. Through consistent testing practices, we can get to know our plants better, and now you can too. 

For those of you who are curious, you can now learn all about your dried flower on our website.

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