Ginger Dawg


Powerful and potent, indica-dominant Ginger Dawg is packed with big flavour and high THC. Bright aromas of fresh ginger, spice and gas meet notes of citrus and roasted garlic for a pungent aromatic profile. This GMO Cookies cross boasts vibrant green buds with a unique purple hue and a thick layer of sticky trichomes. Grown with care in our sun-soaked BC greenhouse. Hand-harvested and freshly packed.


22-28% | 220-280 mg/g


0-1% | 0-10 mg/g

Terpene Profile








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  • Unique aroma of freshly cut ginger
  • Emerald green flowers are outlined with a deep purple edge
  • Billowy, pinecone-shaped buds


GMO Cookies x Lava Dawg = Ginger Dawg

fig 1.
cannabis leaf illustration

Grow Notes

Bold & Bright

Eye-catching buds are as crisp and colourful as their aromas. Ginger Dawg’s vibrant green flowers deliver bold and bright notes of fresh ginger, followed by hints of spice, gas and citrus undertones.


Extra frosty sugar leaves surround dense, trichome-covered buds, giving the plant a unique sparkle.

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Archived Strain

These strains are not currently grown in the greenhouse. We may grow them again one day, and if there’s one you miss, please let us know. To stay up to date with what’s currently flowering, please sign up for our newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pure Sunfarms select the strains that grow in the greenhouse?

Driven by a love of plants, our growers select the strains that grow in our greenhouse based on a variety of factors, including potency, terpene levels, and disease resistance. We also select our strains based on their history and popularity within the BC market – we are, after all, all about growing and telling the story of quality BC bud.

What lighting does Pure Sunfarms use to grow cannabis?

Our high-tech greenhouse allows for the precise manipulation of the heat, light, and energy the sun brings. We use a mixed-light cultivation process, which harnesses the power of the sun to grow and provides supplemental light in the darker months to mimic the sun by providing our plants will all the spectrums of light they need to thrive.

Is Pure Sunfarms’ cannabis pesticide-free?

Our growing process is 100% chemical pesticide-free. All our plants are grown in a coconut husk fibre (aka ‘coir’). We feed them a proprietary plant food that is lab-tested and approved by Health Canada. In fact, it’s similar to the food-grade plant food our team gave to their crops of tomatoes and peppers previously, a formulation based on learnings from decades of success.

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