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Mandesh Dosanjh

President & CEO
A strategic operational leader with diverse industry experience, Mandesh is passionate about culture and creating a space for leading practices in an evolving industry. As a seasoned senior level executive, Mandesh has led business operations for a number of well-known retailers, including LCBO, Target Canada, Aritzia and Loblaws. Most recently, Mandesh joined Pure Sunfarms from Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) as a Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Wholesale where he led LCBO’s supply chain division and developed and managed its supply chain and wholesale strategy as the LCBO prepared for the legalization of adult-use cannabis. Mandesh is well versed in proven successes in managing supply chains at scale and developing key business strategies across a diverse set of industries. Mandesh is committed to leveraging best-in-class operational practices to lead Pure Sunfarms to success and strives to create a work culture true to his values of humility, empathy and teamwork. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Toronto. In addition to his responsibilities at Pure Sunfarms, Mandesh also serves on the Board of Directors for NLS, Canada’s leading logistics provider for fashion, footwear, action wear and general merchandise.

Michael Lattimer

VP, Operations
Michael brings a unique, results-driven approach to creating and optimizing all levels of Pure Sunfarms’ operations and offers pragmatic and functional design thinking. His experience spans the globe across a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, alcohol, tobacco and automotive. Michael has held significant roles in manufacturing, supply chain, and IT at Anheuser-Busch InBev, Labatt, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Honda and General Motors. Michael’s supply chain and operations knowledge offer a critical perspective for Pure Sunfarms as he works to build, maintain, and continuously improve on a dependable supply chain and efficient operations, as the cannabis industry evolves at scale. Under his leadership, the Pure Sunfarms team is rapidly implementing best practices in the pursuit of operational excellence.

Elaine McAnally

VP, People & Experience
Elaine brings extensive People leadership experience to Pure Sunfarms and is dedicated to growing a high-performance culture. In an emerging cannabis industry, she is devoted to shaping a work environment of the future at Pure Sunfarms, advancing a people-led culture which embraces the new work norms of flexibility, job transformation, and technology. With over 15 years working across a variety of industries, Elaine has held significant roles at organizations such as Finning International, Hootsuite, Aritzia, Quiksilver/Roxy and Electronic Arts. Elaine’s creativity, approach and drive have helped her transform fast-paced business environments from infancy and start-up, to growth and acceleration, to re-invention and transformation. A devoted People professional, Elaine has been instrumental at Pure Sunfarms, involved in all aspects of the business, including setting strategy, hiring, fostering culture, and driving accountability and performance. In addition to her responsibilities at Pure Sunfarms, Elaine also serves as an operational member on the Board of Directors for HR Open Source, a not-for-profit global community of HR and recruiting practitioners driving innovation through collaboration.

Rob Baldwin

VP, Cultivation & Greenhouse Operations

An expert greenhouse grower by trade, Rob guides the Pure Sunfarms’ team in greenhouse care and cultivation practices with an uncompromising approach to quality. Including over 18 years of experience in the greenhouse industry, Rob has invested over a decade of his career managing the current greenhouse space where Pure Sunfarms operates. Prior to the establishment of Pure Sunfarms, Rob worked for Village Farms as a Facility Manager and Grower. Rob has extensive knowledge of the land and growing conditions of BC’s Fraser Valley, and combines the science of greenhouse growing with his understanding of natural environments. At Pure Sunfarms, Rob mentors a new generation of greenhouse growers with hands-on, high tech agricultural techniques. Rob is responsible for all aspects of Pure Sunfarms’ cultivation and greenhouse operations. He has been instrumental in greenhouse conversion efforts and continues to showcase world-class growing capabilities to deliver high-quality, consistent cannabis to the Canadian market.

Miguel Martinez

CPA, CA – VP, Finance
Miguel is not only responsible for establishing core financial processes and reporting requirements in an evolving cannabis industry, but also navigates the financial growth and success of Pure Sunfarms. Miguel brings over a decade of financial experience to the team at Pure Sunfarms. He brings in-depth knowledge from his most recent positions at Village Farms and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which have allowed him to build a high-performance, cross-collaborative team which oversees financial planning, debt financing, and budget management systems for the company.

Maria Guest

VP, Brand & Commercial
Maria leads a dedicated team of storytellers at Pure Sunfarms to help consumers build meaningful connections with Pure Sunfarms’ product and brand. A seasoned practitioner in leading growth brands, including strategy, planning, and brand positioning, Maria most recently held the position of Chief Marketing Office of Emblem, overseeing the company's adult-use strategy that addressed the various consumer segments in the Canadian adult-use cannabis market. Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Maria spent 20 years building brands and developing new products and innovations at Labatt Breweries. She has lead marketing efforts behind iconic brands such as Corona, Stella Artois, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and Alexander Keith’s. Maria’s extensive marketing and brand development experience, as well as her understanding of product distribution in a regulated industry, will help Pure Sunfarms as it expands its product offering across the country.

Board of Directors

Riaz Bandali

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.

Michael A. DeGiglio

Village Farms International, Inc.

Christopher C. Woodward

Village Farms International, Inc.

Punit Dhillon

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.

Stephen C. Ruffini

Village Farms International, Inc.

Jim Heppell

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.

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