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Our farming roots run deep here in sunny Delta, British Columbia. Did you know that before our cannabis journey began, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers were cultivated for over 20 years, right here on our farm? As legacy growers, our relationship with our farm has taught us this: to cultivate happy, healthy plants, we must cultivate a happy, healthy ecosystem.

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How does Pure Sunfarms approach sustainability?

We grow with care. Just like we tend to the health of our plants, we keep the health of our farm, our community, and our environment at the heart of what we do. Like most cultivators here in BC, we are committed to protecting and maintaining the health and longevity of the world around us. 

Let’s take a look at three of our top sustainability practices here at Pure Sunfarms.

1. Collecting rainwater and runoff

Water conservation is one of the largest environmental issues we face globally. Here at our farm, we make sure every drop counts. To reduce our water use, we collect rainwater throughout the year, filter it, and use it wherever possible, mainly for watering our plants. From September to June, we are able to depend solely on rainwater for the majority of our greenhouse operations.

Once this water has moved through our plants, we recapture and recycle the excess runoff. Through this process, we can collect up to 50% of the water used in a 24-hour period and recycle it, making the most of every drop. We then filter it through a purification system so it can be reused again multiple times.

cannabis plants in greenhouse

From September to June, we are able to depend solely on rainwater for the majority of our greenhouse operations.

2. Choosing natural and renewable energy

Like our name might suggest, we worship the sun. Lucky for us, we are perfectly situated in the heart of the sun-filled Fraser Valley. During our spring and summer season, beautiful sunshine beats down on our modern greenhouse all day long, naturally warming and lighting our facilities, while nurturing our growing plants. For about 40% of the year, we can harness the pure power of the sun to grow our plants, dramatically reducing our electricity use. And to further conserve energy, we use innovative energy screens that help to capture the sun’s warmth and prevent heat loss year-round.

Where we do require electrical power, we are grateful to live in a province that favours clean, renewable hydroelectricity as its main power source. Because of this, we can say no to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. 

cannabis plants growing in greenhouse

3. Reducing light pollution and protecting local ecosystems

From dusk to dawn, we use innovative blackout curtains to reduce light pollution. Why is light pollution an issue? It can disturb the local community and disrupt natural ecosystems. The migratory patterns of many insects and animals are influenced by the sun, moon, and stars, so artificial light can cause disorientation. 

For example, many migratory birds in our local environment are guided by the natural patterns of light and darkness. Artificial light can confuse these birds and stray them from their natural course. Through the use of our blackout curtains, our neighbours can sleep soundly, and nature can do its thing.

These are just a few of our tried-and-true sustainability practices here at Pure Sunfarms. As we grow, we are always digging for new, innovative ways to evolve. From our mother plants to mother earth, we continue to do everything we can to take care of our surroundings.

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