There’s a lot of important boxes to check when it comes to hitting the right bag appeal—freshness, a good assortment of bud size, bud structure, frostiness, aromatics—and they’re all carefully considered in the way we do things. 

Here’s a snapshot of six important steps we take to deliver the best quality bud.

Let’s get into it.  

Growing done right.

Impressive flower starts with healthy plants, and under this roof, we take our job as growers very seriously. We’ve got it down to a science, but every strain is unique in how it grows and what it needs. We’re constantly trialing new genetics to keep things fresh, always on the hunt for phenos with unique lineage, structure, colours, aromas and flavours.

Harvesting with care.

Cannabis is a hearty plant, but the flowers are delicate. Each batch is carefully harvested by hand leaving everything intact, handling the flowers as little as possible to protect the fragile trichomes. 

The hang-dried difference.

How a plant is dried can make or break the quality of the bud. To best protect the structure and integrity of our flower, all of our flower is hang-dried. This brings you frostier, more aromatic buds with higher terpene potential and great bag appeal. 


Each bud is carefully trimmed by an expert hand and finished to remove excess leaves and stems. 

Carefully sorted.

Our sorting process is designed to weed out the small stuff, which means you can expect to find a nice variety of bud sizes in the bag.

Packed fresh. 

With a humidity pouch in every pack. 

Where to Buy

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