We put our flower first in everything we do and we’re always looking for opportunities to bring you the best dried flower from our greenhouse. To protect the integrity of our BC bud, our cultivation team of legacy growers and greenhouse experts have worked together to introduce hang drying as part of our process. We approach every step of the growing, harvesting and post-harvesting process with care, and hang drying is an extension of this.

Cannabis plant in greenhouse
hang drying

What is hang drying?

Hang drying is a legacy practice where the entire cannabis plant is hung upside down to dry. We’ve adapted this drying method in our 1.65 million square foot greenhouse space, where each batch of dried flower is hang dried with care in climate-controlled drying rooms.

Fun Fact – Each of our 25 drying rooms can hold about 2000 plants at one time.

At the beginning of the process, mature plants are carefully hand-harvested at their peak, fully intact. They are then carefully transferred from the flower rooms to be hang dried. Each plant is hung by hand, leaves and all.

As the leaves dry, they create a natural cushion around the bud—protecting the trichomes and the natural flower shape. Our team carefully monitors the process to ensure optimal moisture levels of each batch from start to finish.

The result? Frostier, more aromatic, terpene-rich BC bud, with a more natural shape.

hang drying
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