The beauty of growing cannabis is in its genetic variety and how different strains and phenotypes express themselves in so many unique ways. This is true from strain to strain, and from pheno to pheno. So, how do we narrow it down and decide which strains and phenos to bring to you? The answer is in our trialing and pheno-hunting process.  

So, how do we narrow it down and decide which strains and phenos to bring to you? The answer is in our pheno-hunting and trialing process. 

The hunt for what’s next.

We’re always on the hunt. Our growers are constantly trialing new and legacy genetics in our greenhouse to bring you fresh strains, and finding our winners is a perpetual pursuit. With every strain we consider, we begin by growing a handful of plant trials to get to know the cultivar, see how it performs and expresses itself in our greenhouse environment, and to find those wow-factor attributes.  

An expert eye.

This process takes an open mind, an expert eye, and a deep knowledge of the cannabis plant.

What are we looking for? 

We know when we find it. Trialing and pheno-hunting in our greenhouse is like shopping with the senses. This is where our growers light up. We’re looking out for the usual suspects—classic aromas, frostiness, impressive bud structure—but also for unique attributes you haven’t seen before.  

What does it smell like? What type of structure does it present? How does it grow in our sunny environment?

Maybe it’s a pungent and gassy aroma, or the bright scent of marmalade or freshly squeezed orange juice. Maybe it’s a royal purple hue, or a striking spiralled bud structure. Or maybe it’s in the way it matures, or how beautifully it smokes.


Not every strain we trial becomes a mainstay in our greenhouse, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Trials is a grower-led program bringing you access to select trial strains, hand-picked by our grow team. This is your chance to try some of the unique genetics we’re trialing in the greenhouse, while they’re here. Each drop will feature a single-batch strain available by the ounce for a limited time—once they’re gone, they’re gone—only exclusively here in BC.

Trial No. 001 

This pheno was hand-selected by our growers for its dank nose and chunky trichome-rich buds. Its aromas are distinct and complex with pungent gassy notes balanced by a creamy, slightly citrussy finish. When it comes to size, the hearty plant produces large, frosty colas, with flecks of deep purple (especially evident when grinding). If you’re a fan of heavy-hitting indicas, just take a look at the potency.

SPECIES: Indica 


LINEAGE: Gas Face x Purple Kush 

TERPENES: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool 

AROMAS: Gas, Dank, Citrus 

Trial No. 00

Dropping later this summer.  

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