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About Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil

1. What is Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil made of?

Made in BC with dried cannabis extracted for CBD potential, Pure Sunfarms CBD oil features only simple, naturally derived ingredients: CBD distillate, a natural, vegan MCT oil, and nothing else – no additional botanical ingredients, flavouring, or thinning agents. 

2. What formats of CBD oil does Pure Sunfarms offer?

Pure Sunfarms offers CBD Oil 10 (a 1:10 THC:CBD ratio) and CBD Oil 30 (a 1:30 THC:CBD ratio). The difference between these two products is the ratio of CBD per mL of oil (i.e., CBD Oil 30 is three times more potent than our CBD Oil 10 format). Both products can be found in a 30mL glass bottle. 

3. How many mg of CBD is there in Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil? 

Our CBD Oil 10 contains ~10mg of CBD per mL, and our CBD Oil 30 contains ~30mg of CBD per mL. This means that our CBD 30 oil is three times more potent, for consumers looking for more concentrated CBD oil. The THC ratio for both formats is minimal – just ~0-1mg/mL. Here’s a breakdown: 

When using the 0.5mL syringe (measured in 0.1mL increments): 

CBD Oil 10*

  • 0.1mL = ~1mg CBD  
  • 0.5mL = ~5mg CBD  
  •  1mL = ~10mg CBD  

CBD Oil 30*

  • 0.1mL = ~3mg CBD  
  • 0.5mL = ~15mg CBD  
  •  1mL = ~30mg CBD  

* Concentrations may vary +/- 15% in accordance with Health Canada regulations.

4. Why did my bottle of oil come with a syringe?

We are transitioning our oil products from a built-in drop dispenser to a bottle and syringe combo. Our transition to this new applicator not only meets the recent changes to Health Canada’s packaging and labelling regulations, but now will offer you more control and precision over your dose.  

5. Will I get ‘high’ if I take Pure Sunfarms CBD oil?

Many people report that CBD doesn’t produce the ‘high’ or feeling of impairment typically associated with THC. With less than 1mg of THC per mL in the CBD Oil 10 and CBD Oil 30 formats, CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in our Pure Sunfarms CBD oils. But as with any cannabis product, our best advice is to start low, go slow, and wait until you feel results before you take more. With ingestible oils, we recommend starting with your initial dose, then waiting at least two hours before taking another dose. 

“Many people report that CBD doesn’t produce the ‘high’ or impairment typically associated with THC.”

6. Is your CBD Oil packaging recyclable?

Yes. At Pure Sunfarms, we strive to use packaging that minimizes our environmental footprint wherever possible, while maintaining the integrity of our product. That’s why we chose a glass bottle and outer box made of paperboard, materials that are recyclable in most municipalities across Canada. 

7. Where can I buy your CBD Oil? 

If Pure Sunfarms products are currently available in your province, chances are you will be able to find Pure Sunfarms CBD oil online or at participating licensed retailers locally. Find out what provinces currently offer Pure Sunfarms products or call your local retailer to find out if they carry Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil. Otherwise, feel free to reach out at

About CBD Oil Generally

8. What are some of the benefits of using CBD?

It is believed that CBD has many potential therapeutic benefits, from decreasing stress or anxiety to contributing to positive wellbeing. You can check out our blog post about Pure Sun CBD to learn more about CBD. 

9. How do I use CBD oil?

CBD oil is simple to use. Typically, you’ll ingest it by putting the oil under your tongue, holding it there for a moment, and then swallowing. You can increase or decrease your portion as needed. You can also add CBD oil to many of your favourite foods, including salads, pizza, eggs, pasta, marinades, and dressings. When it comes to beverages, remember that CBD oil is not water-soluble, so it is probably easiest to use in a blended beverage, such as a smoothie. 

Pure Sunfarms CBD Oil 30 bottle and packaging

10. How much CBD oil should I take?

Before you try CBD oil, we recommend that you do your research. You can talk to your doctor, local budtender, and check out online resources like this article called ‘What is the Best Way to Take CBD’ to determine what might work best for you. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to a given amount, and concentrates may have stronger and longer-lasting effects than those of dried flower.  

Although there are no established dosing guidelines for CBD-predominant extracts, many people are said to obtain benefits with lower doses, starting with between 5mg and 20mg of CBD.

Our best advice is to start low, go slow, and wait until you feel results. Onset can take place anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Based on how you feel, you may increase or decrease the amount as needed. As always, please enjoy responsibly.

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This article was amended on September 1, 2021.

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