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Your first true leaves have appeared. Or will shortly. These are the leaves that have the appearance of adult leaves. So now you’re ready to give your small seedling a little more room to grow.

What You’ll Need Now


Fill the 4-6” pots with some of your super soil. Place your small seedling, still within its peat pod, into its new, slightly more spacious home.

Place the transplanted seedling in a sunny window, or under a fluorescent light (optional) and water it in. Gently. No need to add more food yet. The plant will stay here for another two-to-three weeks, or until the plant is at least 12” tall.

Seedlings are sensitive to being either too wet, or not wet enough. The soil may be moist all the way through after feeding but give it time to dry out before watering again. This allows oxygen to be drawn into the medium (good) and prevents algae growth (not so good).


Ready to Plant?

This is an easy process of slowly introducing young plants to the naturally variable conditions of the outside world. Transplanting plants directly outside without “hardening” them off to sun, wind, and rain, may be enough to shock and kill tender seedlings.

About six days before you intend to move the plants fully outside, try this:

Day One & Two

On a cool, but sunny day, place your small pots outside, under cover of shade, and for just a few hours. 

Day Three & Four

Place the pots in a partially shaded area, allowing them to feel no more than a couple of hours of direct sunlight.  

Day Five & Six

Put the pots outside in the mid-afternoon for a few hours of direct sunlight and leave them outside, undercover, overnight.

Next Steps

The next step will be to move the plants permanently outside.

Whether you’re a first-time, or even a seasoned grower, consider starting a grow diary, or post photos on your social channels to share the journey with others. And don’t forget to tag us at @puresunfarms so we can follow along too.

Legal Note: In Canada, the Cannabis Act permits adults to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household (not per person). Some provinces and territories (including Manitoba and Quebec) have applied added restrictions on personal cultivation. You are responsible for knowing what is legal in the province or territory where you live or visit, and online. 

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