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You’ll want to check in daily (if possible) on your fast-growing flowers. It’s important to make sure that the flowering stage is moving along smoothly.

What You’ll Need Now

Checking in

The next couple of weeks will be observation weeks as the flowers continue to increase in size.

Stretching* has slowed down by now, and terpene* (aromatic oil) production is ramping up in the flowers. Every cultivar is defined, in part, by its signature aroma, whether it be sweet, earthy, herbal, or citrussy. As always, keep an eye out for potential pests or diseases.

Flower Swelling

Most of the flower formation is going to take place within the next few weeks and the flowers will start to expand and grow on top of each other, forming larger buds (collections of individual flowers). If this is happening, you’re on the right track.

Pure Cannabis

The buds have now reached their ultimate weight, which may cause the plants to lean over. Support the heavy branches with bamboo stakes or tomato cages.

Pay close attention to how much water the plants are drinking during these times of intensive growth. Cannabis plants prefer even, consistent watering, versus a back-and-forth cycle of feast and famine. Just make sure that the top layer of soil is dry (but not bone-dry), and you’ll be fine. Drooping leaves are an obvious sign of underwatering.


No More Top Dressing

The days are getting shorter and it’s even starting to get a little cooler out there. The Autumn Equinox falls on (or around) September 22, a signal for you to stop feeding the plants anything but water. The plants will use up the remaining nutrients in the soil, resulting in the hallmark colours of autumn (drying and yellowing leaves). At this stage, yellow leaves are not a bad thing.

The plant is now focusing its remaining plant energy on the flowers. And the buds are getting dense. The styles (hairs) may have even started to change their colour from white to amber or dark orange. The buds are nearing peak resin production, which means that potency and aromatics are approaching their full potential. You may even see buds growing in groups close together, collectively called a ‘cola’*.

*Grow Guide Glossary

Stretching: A natural, rapid growth-spurt that occurs in the vegetative cycle and through the first 2-3 weeks of flowering.

Terpene: An aromatic compound produced in the trichomes, part of the chemical language of the plant. Not only do terpenes provide the unique aromatics of the cannabis plant (and thousands of other plants), but they are also thought to work with cannabinoids to influence the subjective experience.

Cola: This term may denote a single flower (bud) but can also refer to clusters of buds that form at the top of the plant in a tight mass, sometimes known as either the top cola, terminal bud, or apical bud.

Legal Note: In Canada, the Cannabis Act permits adults to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household (not per person). Some provinces and territories (including Manitoba and Quebec) have applied added restrictions on personal cultivation. You are responsible for knowing what is legal in the province or territory where you live or visit, and online. 

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