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With the plants hardened off, it’s time to move them to 20-gallon pots and place them outside under the summer sun. You’ll be here for about two months. Avoid moving them outdoors if the temperature drops below 10 degrees C at night, or if your climate is still subject to harsh weather conditions. 

What You’ll Need Now

Transfer to Permanent Pot

Place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot. This will make sure the roots always have adequate drainage. Fill the pots with super soil a couple inches from the top. Make sure to not pack the soil too tightly, allowing it to compact naturally over time. This will allow for even airflow and water saturation. 

Fabric pots may be chosen because they cause roots to “self-prune” which encourages a larger root mass. Bigger roots, bigger fruits.



In early summer, your plants will grow based on the natural cycles of the sun. The days will become longer until the summer solstice (on or around June 20), after which the amount of sunlight will slowly decrease, day by day.

In this phase, the plants will put their energy into growing roots, stems, and leaves, leaving room for sites that eventually will become home to buds.


The plants are drawing their main nutrients from the soil but can use a little help to power them through the growing season. It’s time to amend your soil with a vegetative (high nitrogen)* top dressing, watering it in thoroughly. You’ll want to do this about once a week.

The outdoor vegetative cycle lasts for approximately two months, but make sure to check in regularly, paying special attention to the dryness of the soil. Water as needed. And be mindful of the spacing between your plants – making sure they don’t shade each other.


Keep a close eye on your plants for the next few weeks – we’ll be back with Part 5 as we get closer to the flower cycle. Until then, feel free to share photos of this exciting phase of growth on your social channels and tag us @puresunfarms.

*Grow Guide Glossary

Nitrogen (N): An essential nutrient for cannabis plants, nitrogen is important in high amounts during the vegetative cycle but should be reduced during the flowering cycle. Key for leaf development.

Legal Note: In Canada, the Cannabis Act permits adults to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household (not per person). Some provinces and territories (including Manitoba and Quebec) have applied added restrictions on personal cultivation. You are responsible for knowing what is legal in the province or territory where you live or visit, and online. 

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