cannabis plant illustration

The days are shorter, and the nights are longer. The plants have moved out of the vegetative cycle and flowering has now begun. There are a few things to do during the first four weeks of the flowering stage.

What You’ll Need Now

fig. 01 tools needed (trimming tools, rubbing alcohol, water, sunlight, plant food)

The plants will start producing flowers when the summer is over, and winter is on its way, based on the reduced amount of sunlight. Maintaining a consistent watering and feeding cycle from here on will keep the plants healthy and stress-free.

fig. 2 watering illustration


The plants are continuing to pack on flower and leaf growth so will be extra thirsty. You’ll want to check in regularly, watering more often than during the vegetative cycle. But remember that underwatering is better than overwatering, which may drown sensitive roots. Poke your finger in the soil about 5cm or so. If the soil is bone dry, water. If it’s still moist, you may wait an extra day. Drooping leaves are a sign the plant is thirsty, and healthy plants will bounce back a few hours after a cool drink.

Keep a close eye on changes to leaf colour that might suggest a nutrient deficiency and watch out for signs of pests and diseases.

fig. 3


The change in light also requires a focus on nutrients that promote healthy bud growth. Your flower top dress will contain less nitrogen, but it is packed with increased phosphorous and potassium, ideal for this stage. Feed and water in the top dress every other week.

Final De-Leaf

Now is the final opportunity for one more de-leaf, exposing as many bud sites to direct light as possible, while still leaving healthy green leaves for energy production.

*Grow Guide Glossary

Phosphorous (P): An essential nutrient for cannabis plants, it is essential in moderate amounts during both the vegetative and flowering cycle. Key for root strength.

Potassium (K): An essential nutrient for cannabis plants, it is important in moderate-to-high amounts during both the vegetative and flowering cycle. Key for flower production.

Legal Note: In Canada, the Cannabis Act permits adults to cultivate up to four (4) cannabis plants per household (not per person). Some provinces and territories (including Manitoba and Quebec) have applied added restrictions on personal cultivation. You are responsible for knowing what is legal in the province or territory where you live or visit, and online. 

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