From a decades-long love of plants. And a modern, sun-filled greenhouse. BC cannabis in a new light.

It’s official, Canadians want natural, BC-grown bud

It’s widely believed that BC bud is some of the best in the world. As passionate growers, we believe in that statement wholeheartedly. We also believe that our customers care just as much as we do about how cannabis is grown in this country. But what’s more important to know is what Canadians think. So … Continued

By Mandesh Dosanjh, President and CEO
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Vaping Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know

Our full spectrum vapes offer consumers another way to consume our high-quality, BC-grown cannabis. If you want to learn more about Pure Sunfarms vape products and better understand the basics of vaping, we’ve collected the answers to many frequently asked questions.

By Pure Sunfarms
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Because it’s the right thing to do — which is?

The past few months have been about reflection and education. I think we’re all taking a clean, hard look at ourselves and the society we live in, trying to figure out what to think about everything and how to act. Between COVID-19 and racial injustices we’ve been witness to, we’re reminded that our work isn’t done yet — in fact, this is just the beginning.

By Elaine McAnally, VP of People and Experience
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Growing, from the ground up

The story of each of our cannabis flowers begins in our home in BC’s Fraser Valley, with a team of dedicated growers who bring together decades of greenhouse experience and cannabis cultivation.

By Pure Sunfarms
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A shared passion for growing

Welcome to Pure Sunfarms. We’re pleased to share our products and stories with you.

You know, we have a saying around the farmhouse. We say that we are ‘plants and people first.’ Well before Pure Sunfarms was founded, we knew that cultivating a positive culture of inclusion and support was key to success. What we didn’t know, was that the roots of our culture were already here.

By Pure Sunfarms
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